Lig in die duisternis, hier vir God, mekaar en die wêreld


Welcome to the English page of the Dutch Reformed Church of the Free State

Who are we?

The Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church Free State (DRC) is one of 10 synods participating in the General Synod of the DRC. We consist of 21 Presbyteries and 157 congregations.

What do we believe?

We confess that the Bible is the revealed Word of God. Although the Bible has been written by people, we confess that it is inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible serves as the norm by which we live. The Bible is its own interpreter and every part of it should be interpreted and explained accordingly. We believe that a living, personal relationship with God is necessary in order for us to understand God's Word.

We admit that postmodernism leads to relativising truths, which, as a result, may lead to identity crises and uncertainties. We therefore confess our adherence to our reformed confessions (Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism and the Canons of Dordt) once again.

We accept these confessions as binding, because they correspond with the content of the Bible, i.e. the Word of God. The content of the confessions should therefore be alive in our hearts. We ask preachers to continuously present the content of the confessions to their congregations in a fresh way.

We believe that worship services are encounters with the living God. During a service, God is present through his Word and Holy Spirit ‐ a truth that should characterise every worship service with sincere respect for God. We admit that there are people with diverse spiritualties present in the church, which become visible in the many ways by which people worship God. We proclaim, though, that there may be no substitutes for proper sermon preparation, where Scripture-based preaching, the law of God and the confessions are present.

We hold to certain corner stones by which every worship service should be characterised, but admit that one may build upon those stones, provided that it's done responsibly and based on the Word of God.

Our calling is to be Light in the darkness ‐ here for God, one another and the world. We believe that the truth of the Word should be understood in our context today.

We therefore accept the challenges of being a missional church, consisting of people who believe that we were saved by grace alone. Inspired by a grateful heart, we want to make a change in the word. Reflection on our reformed identity is a continuous process and we undertake to give continuously attent to this process.

The Synod consists of 5 units

Moderamen (Visioning and Leadership)
REO (Unit for Administration, finances and bursaries)
Partners in Mission (Witness and service in society and partnerships)
EBB (Unit for the guidance of congregational ministry)
ENGO (Compassionate Social services)

The Leadership Forum of the DRC in the Free State

Moderamen: Dr Carin van Schalkwyk
REO: Mr Adriaan de Ruiter
Partners in Mission: Dr Gideon van der Watt
EBB: Rev Barnard Steyn
ENGO: Mr Dewet Claassens / Rev Willem Botha

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PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 20 Van Heerden Ave, Willows, Bloemfontein, 9300
POSTAL ADDRESS: PO BOX 11412, Universitas, Bloemfontein, 9321
OFFICE TEL: +27 (0)51 406 6700
FAX: +27 (0)51 447 2145
GPS COORDINATES: S29° 07' 32.78 E26° 11' 59.23
OFFICE HOURS: Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 16:00